The wood industry

The second department in Rhône-Alpes Region for wood production. 35% of the surface area of the Ain is covered by forest.

Tradition and modernity

In a protected environment, the wood industry consists of a broad range of activities in the sectors of wood for working and for fuel. The forestry and harvesting activities (500,000 m³/marketed per year) group together 123 forestry operators and 60 forestry companies.

Key figures:

  • 1st department in the Rhône-Alpes in terms of wood production.
  • 1/3 of the surface area of Ain (181,200 ha) is covered by forest.
  • 900 companies.
  • 5,000 employees.
  • Turnover of 231 million euros.

Initial processing

There are around fifty sawmills in the Ain, 3 of which are amongst the largest in France. They undertake the initial processing and produce 350,000 m³ of saw timber and 250,000 m³ of related products. The activity represents 950 jobs.

Secondary processing

All activites within the sector are represented:

  • furniture – 90 companies and more than 2,000 employees,
  • packaging (from the production of light packaging to palettes, box palettes, industrial packaging) with 80% of turnover generated by exports,
  • activities linked to the building industry (roof structures, wooden frameworks, height raising, carpentry, decoration, parquet…) – over 1,000 jobs – skilled woodcraftsmen and wood turners, activities based on local tradition with high-quality products.

Wood for energy – buoyant new markets

In a context in which renewable energy sources are strongly encouraged, wood for energy is a rapidly developing sector: Wood excellence centre in the Bugey, increasing demand for processed heating wood, and increasing popularity of wood boilers and heating systems in the Ain.

Well-adapted training structures

The sector benefits from a wide range of training programmes, from forestry work to secondary processing professions (carpentry, cabinet-making), and in particular the wood organization at Cormaranche which includes the wood science technical college (timber milling and grinding/sharpening) and other organizations (work based training in roofing).

They are in Ain, what about you ?

  • Allard Emballages packaging
  • Emin Leydier corrugated fiberboard
  • Les fils de Cyril Ducret sawmill
  • Monnet-Sève sawmill
  • Rabuel wood packaging
  • Reine Emballages cartonnages
  • Roset seating and contemporary furnishings
  • LBSA sawmill

Any other information needed ?

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