Health Technology and medical industry

The medical industry in Ain stems directly from the consolidation of local know-how in the fields of plastics and mechanical engineering, as well as chemistry and pharmacy.

Key figures

Welcome in the hart of the 2nd French region by the number of compnies specialized in health technology: 600 companies commited in health industry and biotech and 50,O00 employees.

Products and technologies with added value

Manufacturers of complete equipment systems for the medical sector, designers of diagnostic systems and products (cancers, degenerative diseases), manufacturers of health foods… the industrialists in the Ain are constantly developing and adapting complex added value products and technologies in collaboration with the major laboratories and hospitals both in France and abroad.

Clusters nearby

Cluster i-care
Lyon Biopôle
Alps bio cluster

They are in Ain, what about you ?

  • Abbott Healthcare Fine chemistry
  • Ionisos Sterilization by ionizing radiations
  • Novasep Process Decontamination for the industries of the biotechnologic industries
  • Advanced Accelarator Applications Development and manufacturing of new medicinal molecules intended for the oncologic diagnosis
  • Covidien Surgical implants of reinforcement
  • Fixano Prostheses, implants and materials(equipments) for orthopaedic and traumatological surgery
  • Luponax Conception and manufacturing by injection of thermoplastic medical devices in clean room
  • Plastibell Pharm Conception and manufacturing by injection of medical devices
  • Rovipharm Conception and manufacturing by injection of thermoplastic medical devices in clean room

Any other information needed ?

<strong>The Ain Economic Mission </strong> can tell you more. For any questions about Ain and for your installation project, please, feel free to contact us.
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