Food processing

Welcome in the 4th region in France for the food processing industry. Find out our special know-how in traceability, quality and innovation.

Key figures

  • 450 companies
  • 5 300 employees
  • 5 200 establishments in agriculture
  • 47 500 employees (almost 9% of employment in regional industry)

Production, processing and equipment manufacture (Traceability – Quality – Innovation)

The Ain department has always been a major food production centre, and today the companies in the agribusiness sector group together within the same territory the raising of livestock, slaughter, processing (preserving, ready-meals, cheese and dairy products).

Moreover, they are a dense network of equipment suppliers (production machine and packaging manufacturers) as well as the associated research and development services.

Traditionnal know-how and new markets

In parallel with their highly renowned AOC production, the companies in the Ain are also developing new products for the promising new markets that result from changes in our habits of consumption: delicatessen products, biscuits, frozen ready-meals, fresh products, cheeses, quenelles, smoked fish, foods for animals, and even additives and ingredients.

Research and Development

The Alimentec Technopole at Bourg-en-Bresse. Created in 1992, the high tech business zone Alimentec consists of a scientific and technological platform, an advanced teaching site, an industrial park and a skills centre devoted to the food industry. It is a focal point for know-how relating to processes, safety and the quality of food products in the fields of food packaging, aeraulics and equipment hygiene.

Amongst its major fields of research, the Plastipolis pastics cluster is working in collaboration with the high tech business zone Alimentec on the development of biodegradable food packaging.

Other Clusters in Rhône-Alpes Region

Allira: the food cluster in Rhône-alpes region
Organics cluster

The are in Ain, what about you ?

  • Bressor cheeses
  • Coca Cola Entreprise soft drinks
  • Entremont Alliance cheeses and dairy products
  • La Bresse transfomation of meat and delicatessen
  • Marie delicatessen products
  • Roland Monterrat transfomation of meat and delicatessen
  • Salaisons de Saint André delicatessen
  • Stemmelen Salaisons transfomation of meat and delicatessen
  • 5ème saison ready to use vegetable products

Any other information needed ?

<strong>The Ain Economic Mission </strong> can tell you more. For any questions about Ain and for your installation project, please, feel free to contact us.
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