R&D / Innovation

The Ain, 3rd most innovative county in Rhône-Alpes region.

Ecosystem for innovation

The Ain encourages innovation, bringing together centres of excellence, specific development networks, know-how, and the very latest technologies.

Plastic and composites, industrial vehicles, refrigeration and air conditioning, food processin, wood industry, here, the strong sectors benefit from a network of public and private laboratories and resource centres that encourage innovation.

Ain supports the companies which get involved in innovative projects with the French clusters

When a company established in Ain get involved in a R&D project with one of these French culsters, the Ain local government supports the company with a direct subsidy.

Major centres of Research and Development, both public and private

The European Plasturgy Center (PEP) at Oyonnax, full scale testing centre, applied research, professional training, scientific monitoring.

The ALIMENTEC Technopole at Bourg-en-Bresse, a professional platform of the food production industry: fundamental and applied research with creation of innovative activities, technological appraisal. 12 partners work together at the ALIMENTEC Technopole.

The European Nuclear Research Center (CERN) located in the pays de Gex (almost 3,000 researchers from 80 countries).

Laboratories within private companies : automobile industry, refrigeration-air conditioning, mechanical engineering…

Any other information needed ?

<strong>The Ain Economic Mission </strong> can tell you more. For any questions about Ain and for your installation project, please, feel free to contact us.
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