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They have chosen the Ain

From helmets for New York fire fighters to the system of ventilation for the pyramids of Egypt, as well as packaging for luxury cosmetics and even frozen ready-meals: the successes of the companies located in the Ain are extremely numerous.

Roset: a range of products renowned throughout the world

"From teaspoons to sofas, all our products are designed and created by designers" explains Michel Roset, director of the Roset Group, a world leader in the field of top of the range contemporary furniture and furnishings.

Hayward Pool has chosen the Ain for its European division

The American Hayward group decided in 1999 to base its European division, Hayward Pool Europe, at the Industrial Park in the Plaine de l'Ain at Saint-Vulbas...


The companies* by sectors of activity


  • Arban plastic components
  • Arca France plastic packaging materials
  • Arkema basic plastic materials
  • Berchet toys
  • Billion plastic injection press
  • Ets Gaggione plastic packaging
  • Georges David plastic products
  • Grosfillex household items made from plastic
  • MBF Plastiques plastic packaging materials
  • MGI Coutier plastic technical components
  • Plastics Omnium Auto Extérieur plastic technical components
  • PolyOne France colouring products for plastics
  • Steep plastic technical components
  • Toray polyester films
  • Vernicolor marking and decoration for plastic materials


  • Bressor cheeses
  • Coca Cola Entreprise soft drinks
  • Entremont Alliance cheeses and dairy products
  • La Bresse preserved meats
  • Marie delicatessen products
  • Roland Monterrat preserved meats
  • Salaisons de Saint André preserved meats
  • Stemmelen Salaisons preserved meats
  • 5ème saison ready to use vegetable products


  • Carrier industrial aeraulic and refrigeration equipment
  • CIAT industrial aeraulic and refrigeration equipment


  • France Air aeraulic and refrigeration equipment
  • Lamberet refrigerated vehicles
  • Technibel aeraulic and refrigeration equipment

Mecanics, metallurgy

  • Cogémoule metallic moulds
  • Danfoss Commercial Compressors compressors
  • Guillot Industrie radiators and boilers
  • Renault Trucks manufacture of heavy goods vehicles
  • Mitsu Motors motor-racing mechanical assistance
  • Rencast light metal foundry
  • Tréfileurope steel wiredrawing and cables
  • Trouillet industrial coachbuilding
  • Volvo Compact Equipment civil engineering equipment

Services to the companies

  • Initial BTB industrial laundering
  • ITM Logistique logistics
  • Mutual logistics logistics
  • Logidis Comptoirs Modernes wholesale and logistics
  • ND Logistics logistics


  • Roset seating and contemporary furnishings
  •  Monnet-Sève sawmill

Electrical equipment, electronics and automatism  

  • COMATEL electrical equipment, electronics and robotics
  • Electricfil Automotive electrical equipment for engines and vehicles
  • Nexans isolated wires and cables
  • Philips Eclairage lighting equipment
  • St Microelectronics active electrical components

Other sectors of activity

  • AEROCAN aerosols and aluminium
  • EDF  Bugey nuclear power station
  • Emin Leydier cardboard
  • Hexcel Composites pre-impregnated fabrics
  • MSA Gallet technical helmets for fire fighters and aviation
  • Saint Gobain Emballages glass food packaging
  • Solvay Pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical products and medical equipment
  • Tiflex serigraphy and printing

*The 60 top companies in the Ain in terms of number of employees 


Mutual Logistics opens a site in Attignat

Mutual Logistics is going to open its Rhone-Alpes distribution centre for deep-frozen products on the Attignat industrial area just a few kilometres from Bourg-en-Bresse.

The German company REMIS sets up its French subsidiary in the Ain

A specialist in the manufacture of tops and doors for refrigerator units for super-market retailing, REMIS has decided to set up its French subsidiary on the Dagneux site.

Luoman installs its Southern European platform on the Plaine de l'Ain Industrial Park

A success for the Finnish company on European and French levels. Luoman, a Finnish company that specializes in building wooden houses and chalets has been increasing its business in Europe continuously over the last few years.

Development: DUQUEINE climbs on board the A350

When it became a primary supplier to the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, Duqueine, which manufactures parts made from composite materials, chose to invest in the Ain with help from the Ain Economic Mission and support from the Ain Regional Council.


The Ain Economic Mission

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